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Fundraising Drive – Get original art… cheap

I have some new approaches at art I would like to give a try, unfortunately, that means picking up some supplies I don’t yet have… special tinted art papers, white pencils, some new oil mediums and acrylic mediums.

Obviously, I haven’t the money I need for these things, hence the fundraiser. If you would like to skip to the deal and bypass my explanation, queue to the dashed line headed by “The Deal”.

One thing that people assume, with my art all over the internet, having worked for a few great bands, been in magazines, etcetera – is that this must mean I must be at least somewhat financially comfortable.

Though you’ll see our art in a lot of homes, and on a lot of web pages and personal profiles, things really haven’t been that great for us since 2008. Things really haven’t been that great for anyone, possibly, probably you – and of course we artisans and other resellers tend to suffer from that all trickling upward, or downward – our payment for bringing the world new things to look at and discuss often being in the form of comments and “retweets”, which are awesome BTW but sometimes we need a little bit more in order to keep making things and to make bigger and better things.

I’ve been working 16 to 36 hours, sleeping 4 to 8, doing it all over again – catching up on commissions in between looking for new ways to drive traffic here, or get some sales going – and I feel it is a lucky week if after printing and shipping and packaging and ads purchased I bring in more than $2 an hour for all my combined time.

It has been this more and more this way over the last few years, but pretty steadily sucky these last few months.

To add, we’ve had a tough couple of months here otherwise: Hospital expenses, lab visits, and other unforeseens.

I haven’t enough time on my slate to take on any more big commissions; I have two to finish and that is a lot considering how much time I like to spend on a painting – but I can see being able to make three or four new drawings in those moments I step away from the canvas.

I would like to make a bit of pocket money in that time, and it would be extra-awesome if those works could add to the body of work I have been building for the book: “Airships and tentacles”… meaning they should be strange-fiction inspired works with a steampunk spin, if not specifically involving airships.

——————- The Deal ——————

For $65 + $5 S&H:

I will draw on a sepia-tinted sheet of 8×10” bristol board in black graphite and white charcoal.

I will make them pretty Рbecause I really cannot  bear to let anything go if I do not feel it is worth showing. This means I tend to put way more time than paid for into any work I do for anyone because I am just that picky.

I would prefer that these works be airships, but don’t require it. If they are of Lovecraftian influence, alchemical, metaphysical, otherwise spooky and pulp, I can go for that as well… especially if they involve tentacles.

I will customize… somewhat. Tell me (in the payment details on the paypal/payment side)¬† something about you or things you like. Don’t make it *too* hard on me (Don’t leave me trying to find a way to put “podiatry” together with an airship), but give me something that is interesting and possibly unique to you. I’ll fit it in.

Depending on whether you are the first, or the fifth, that drawing will come to you sooner or later. I’d say allow a month to a month and a half.

Your original will be the basis for a colored piece, or non colored piece to go in the book when it is released. So, you’ll have an art original that is in a book – and that is really pretty cool, especially for the low investment price.

If this seems like a good deal to you, you can go to the purchase page here

Pencil Drawing from last year's fundraiser
Pencil Drawing from last year's fundraiser