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Black November Sale extended, Holiday Hours info

My extended Black Friday/Black November Sale is being extended through December 14th, 11:159PM PST.

I now have a somewhat better idea how our holiday plans will be, and am making December 14th the cut off date for prompt shipment in time for the holidays.

I tend to ship quickly, but prefer to play things safely – so this is what I see as the absolute latest date for holiday orders, factoring in foreseens such as custom stretching and mounting, signing, embellishing, varnishing, packaging, and unforseens as well.

Though the sale prices end on the 14th, I will continue taking orders and shipping through the 23rd, and will resume shipping again on January 1st. I still may be able to get later orders out in time for the holidays, but highly recommend ordering before the December 14th cutoff date.