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Big Change: Many More Prints, and Easier to Find

I’ve finally completed the new gallery page. Not only will you find a much more comprehensive collection of images, but I also list next to each image what size prints (or other merchandise) that image is currently available as.

This move not only revealed to me that a lot of artworks were missing in various (or all) sizes, but that there are a lot of originals I need to get back up after taking them down for shows. It also forced me to make the prices more across the board uniform, as each was priced according to my (then) current prices for prints. They have all been updated to reflect what good price shopping has done me over the year, i.e. I’ve dropped a *lot* of them in pricing.

It also provides for me a checklist of what I need to add in the future. Watch this space for jigsaw puzzles, refrigerator magnets, and book marks to return, as well as new t-shirts designed (as I am able to afford pre-ordering them in bulk). I aim to introduce a new t-shirt design every 2 months.

Also, April means I will be adding links to SKINS for each image, as I have finally found a provider of the damned things worth working with.

Lastly, I have removed most additional packaging prices from most every print, save for a few of the bigger ones. Many of these prices were remnants of the days when I offered only un-stretched giclees; Now that I have switched to the greener, less expensive model of shipping them rolled (though the option for stretching and mounting remains) additional crating and packaging prices need no longer apply in most cases.

I have, for the most part, returned to the easy, no-nonsense flat rate shipping: $5 shipping for the USA, flat rate $14 for Canada, etc.