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Behold the Machine

Recently done for Vernian Process – the original painting is 48×24 inches in acrylic on birch panel.

The details are tiny, with a lot of single-hair brush work done.

There are polar bears the size of dimes, swirls and twirls the size of pin-heads, needle-thin ropes and lines, and a ton of details and hidden images hidden within hidden images – made so that its owner can find many, many new things throughout the years.

Artwork is never finished, only abandoned – though the prints are available now, the painting may see some additional work before I finally let go of it.

20×10 Metallic prints, and PRESALES on 12 from each of the giclees on canvas, giclees on Rag Paper, and Large Metallic Prints are available in the store. Though I hand-sign all limited edition prints, and hand-embellish my signature on all canvas giclees, only #s I, II and 1-10 of these limited editions will be hand-embellished.

Behold the Machine

Behold the Machine Behold the Machine Behold the Machine Behold the Machine

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  1. Incredible work. I love it!

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