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the Spookshow

The Spookshow’s “PsychoSexual Chapter I”, released in 2005 by Wolverine Records, was the first of what will soon be three chapters in their Psychosexual series, with the third being released in May of 2008.

I was lucky enough to download the entire CD (with permission from Miss Behave) during my not-short-enough Punk-rock bartending and Goth club Promoting and DJing stints in Cincinnati, and this CD instantly became one of my favorite finds of the year.

With fast, fun, and darkly humorous horror-punk hymns such as “a Bloody Knife on Your Bloody Body” and “I sold your Soul to the Devil”,   amusive anthems such as “Ghoul’s Night”,  and freaky fifties-styled gothabilly tunes such as “Tonight’s the Night”, Psychosexual Chapter I is perfect for even the bloodiest of bloody sock hops.

The melodically morbid murder ballad “I Can Kill You in a Heartbeat”, sweet enough to give most any corpse cavities, rounds it all out, making this album is definitely my pick for the coming Halloween Season.

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Empty – Ghost Beside You

Every Once in a while, I am very glad to have found something new on the internet. This is definitely one of those times.

I love it when a new band actually impresses me, and am pleasantly surprised to find myself in love with another synth-based project.

I could not compare Empty too much to any of my other favorites in this genre, and perhaps that is what I love so much about their sound, but I can tell you that they sound refreshingly unlike any of a million Covenant, Wolfsheim, Apoptygma Berzerk, or VNV Nation soundalikes.

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