Willow Original Engraving


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So much did I love my memory of her, that I could not bear the thought of this thing she had become, starving for all of eternity in a stone casket with those who took her from me.

With the ancient warding runes, I bound her within the confines of our ancestral cemetery, where she feasts every night on the marrow of my once-hallowed forebearers.

Now, all that remains of my family – a lonely field of shattered bones and turned earth, and this sad and broken shell of a man, who will someday soon become her final meal; This, my penance, my payment, for the horror I have brought into the world.

8×10 inches.

I did a number of these engravings as a set, partially as a practice run at intaglio.

They were done on Ampersand Art clayboard: an archival tempered hardboard surface coated in white clay and india ink.

This was one of the earlier ones of those.

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