Pollen 6×9 Metallic Print



Their fingers and toes, were cinched together in sets of two by hand-sewn bits of a leathery material which I can only say most closely resembled human skin. The same I would say of their tight-fitting suits of alternating dark and light colored diamond-shaped patches.

Their eyes were hidden behind crusted and blood-soaked screens within the eye-slats of their heavy bronze bird-like masks; One could only wonder how it was they managed to see, and see so well, in the darkness which had become theirs and theirs alone.

These bloody harlequins were said to be servants of some ancient and un-namable horror, a master of the ocean coasts, and now lord of the night – his eyeless and tentacled visage drawn in blood and human entrails on the southerly faces of each and every building, of each and every mass-murdered town.

From the same-named engraving. The Original engraving is 5×7 inches. The printed area of this print is just slightly over that, bringing out some of the intense detail, though remaining very close to the original size.

Printed at in archival inks on heavyweight professional metallic stock, coated in a uv-protective and scratch-resistant coating. Archival rating 100+ years.

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Weight 3 oz