Airships and Tentacles Coloring Book



*Reduced until 8-20-2012*

Over 30 works of art, on good paper, and in good inks for ease of coloring – printed at a huge 8.5.x11 inches (17 inches wide when open).? For a coloring book, these things are pretty huge.

I realized when I received these that this book, if not colored in, is pretty much a way to get 30 hang-able prints for under $15, but I am still making it available as a regular item in my store.

This is pretty much 75% of the black and white works for the airships and tentacles book, and a good trial run at that piece. In addition to over 30 images to color with colored pencil, I have little bits written about each artwork: My process in some cases, usage in others, just little strange fiction bits in other places – making it something to read as well as view.

For those who would like to give this book to a younger person, I made it so that the middle page could be removed, thus removing the two images that depict uncovered breasts.

You can view a web resolution PDF of the entire book here: CLICK HERE for PDF