This site is back up, and it is working, and I plan to bring a lot of functions back in my off time (adventure generators, additional payment portals, empathy machines, and a bit of style and design to come…

I’d tell you that the Mi-Gos took my brain away to a distant planet where I had some grand adventure, but my normal days spent as a full-stack developer, got in the way of working on this domain for a while. ‘Pretty much the exact same thing, but without the grand adventure, interesting scenery, great company, or opportunities to abuse sick-time.

For the moment – Don’t expect any shopping links from the gallery to work right now – I programmed that thing around WP-ecommerce, which I have ditched through some very intense data-mining to bring the store back on much-better platform. The store works, the gallery works, but gallery to store does not.

Anyway: Welcome, and happy to have you here. I’ll have new blog updates soon, but you can still catch up on the old – and prices in the store are as before, on an inverse scale by least to most-cursed… or was it direct? I suppose it is much like driving… just shoot for the middle and you will always likely survive.

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